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Necklace 16 inches in 8 mm coco pukalet super bleach, 10 mm and 12 mm wood beads bleach white, 2 mm glass beads inside silver clear white, 4-5 mm coco pukalet super bleach, wood triangle 3 sides 23x50 mm super bleach and troca shell saucer 26x35 mm.

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Product Id: JMG488A
Desc: Magnetic 33" in 4-5 coco heishe turq. blue & 4-5 coco pukalet blue

Product Id: JMG433
Desc: Magnetic 42" in 2-3 coco beads olive green, 2mm glass beads peacock & coco indian stick 1" brown

Product Id: JMG471
Desc: Magnetic 42" in 3-4 coco heishe bleach white & nat. white w/ tiger eye & red stone crazy cut

US$ 15.00
US$ 19.00
US$ 32.20

Product Id: JMG498
Desc: Magnetic 24" in 4-5 whiteshell white & multi-color

Product Id: JMG475
Desc: Magnetic 42" in 2-3 coco heishe nat. brown & 2-3 coco beads black, red, yellow & green

Product Id: JMG490A
Desc: Magnetic 42" in 2-3 coco heishe red, 3mm glass beads white & fettish dolphin luanos

US$ 12.60
US$ 18.50
US$ 22.10

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Product Id: JMG479
Desc: Magnetic 24" in 4-5 coco pukalet bleach white, 2-3 coco beads black, 4mm glass beads rainbow yellow & sig-id tube 3x8mm

Product Id: JMG431
Desc: Magnetic 33" in 2-3 whiteshell heishe, sig-id tube & mongo shell green & yellow

Product Id: JMG4110
Desc: Magnetic 24" in 2-3 coco beads lt. orange & 4-5 whiteshell heishe white, yellow & orange

US$ 10.70
US$ 15.70
US$ 11.30

Product Id: JMG45B
Desc: Magnetic 42" in 4-5 whiteshell black & 2-3 coco heishe fuschia

Product Id: JMG443
Desc: Magnetic 24" in 4-5 whiteshell heishe, 3mm glass beadsturq. blue & coco square cut 6x6mm blue & lt. blue

Product Id: JMG438C
Desc: Magnetic 24" in mongo shell green

US$ 20.40
US$ 12.40
US$ 11.70